RICKETTS, Frederick Charles

Birth Name RICKETTS, Frederick Charles 1a 2a
Gramps ID I3827
Gender male


    Family of RICKETTS, Frederick Charles and TANNER, Elizabeth [F1161]
Unknown Partner TANNER, Elizabeth [I3828]
  1. RICKETTS, Frank [I3689]


Type Value Notes Sources
REFN 3766


    1. RICKETTS, Frederick Charles
      1. TANNER, Elizabeth [I3828]
        1. RICKETTS, Frank [I3689]

Source References

  1. Death - Ricketts, Frederick #3629 [S2408]
      • Confidence: Very High
      • Source text:

        Name: Frederick John Ricketts
        Event Date: 1938 2 21 (Yr/Mo/Day)
        Age: 58
        Gender: male
        Event Place: Vernon
        Reg. Number: 1938-09-540115
        B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13162

  2. Marriage - Ricketts, Frank #3629 & Gallagher, Helen #3630 [S2608]
      • Confidence: Very High