Wakefield, Yorkshire, England

Gramps ID P0147


  1. BROOKE, Lydia Mary [I3491]
  2. CHARLTON, Anne [I2091]
  3. CHARLTON, Clifford [I3671]
  4. CHARLTON, Dorothy [I3672]
  5. CHARLTON, John [I3667]
  6. CHARLTON, William [I3665]
  7. FINLOW, Florence D [I2095]
  8. Family of CHARLTON, William and RAMSDEN, Polly [F1127]
  9. Family of HADFIELD, Austin John and CHARLTON, Anne [F0672]
  10. Family of HADFIELD, George Victor and FINLOW, Florence D [F0675]
  11. HADFIELD, Amy [I1337]
  12. HADFIELD, Austin John [I1879]
  13. HADFIELD, George [I1280]
  14. HADFIELD, George Victor [I1880]
  15. HADFIELD, Joan [I2125]
  16. HODSON, Alice Maria [I0458]
  17. RAMSDEN, Polly [I3666]
  18. RIDING, Alfred [I3113]