St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England

Gramps ID P0402


  1. BALSOM, James [I3937]
  2. BLOUNT, Jack W [I2019]
  3. BONIFACE, Thomas C [I3522]
  4. Family of BALSOM, James and WESTCOTT, Mary [F1210]
  5. Family of BLOUNT, Jack W and WESTCOTT, Florence Mary [F0647]
  6. Family of BONIFACE, Thomas C and WESTCOTT, Jane Amy [F1094]
  7. Family of GLANVILLE, William and UNDERHILL, Bessie Louisa [F0132]
  8. Family of HOOPER, Lewis F and WESTCOTT, Winifred Annie [F0648]
  9. Family of KEMBLE, John and WOTTON, Anna Louisa [F1101]
  10. Family of WILLS, Tom and WHITFIELD, Bessie [F0948]
  11. GLANVILLE, William [I0431]
  12. HOOPER, Lewis F [I2020]
  13. KEMBLE, Elizabeth Ann [I2785]
  14. KEMBLE, Emily Jane [I3543]
  15. KEMBLE, John [I3545]
  16. KEMBLE, Samuel [I3544]
  17. ROWE, Mary Ann [I3855]
  18. UNDERHILL, Bessie Louisa [I0424]
  19. WESTCOTT, Ann [I2866]
  20. WESTCOTT, Dorothy I [I1821]
  21. WESTCOTT, Florence Mary [I1819]
  22. WESTCOTT, George [I2870]
  23. WESTCOTT, Jane Amy [I2998]
  24. WESTCOTT, John [I2871]
  25. WESTCOTT, Mary [I2874]
  26. WESTCOTT, Samuel Richard [I2442]
  27. WESTCOTT, William Robert [I2881]
  28. WESTCOTT, Winifred Annie [I1820]
  29. WHITFIELD, Bessie [I2885]
  30. WILLS, Tom [I2899]
  31. WOTTON, Anna Louisa [I3546]
  32. WOTTON, Emily Jane [I2658]
  33. WOTTON, John [I2659]
  34. WOTTON, Samuel Richard [I2661]
  35. WOTTON, William Isaac U [I2982]