West Ham, Essex, England

Gramps ID P0525


  1. Family of STOREY, Matthew and HINES, Louisa Mary [F0792]
  2. HINES, Louisa Mary [I2436]
  3. ROTHWELL, Archibald Eli [I2420]
  4. ROTHWELL, Jane Ann [I0701]
  5. STOREY, Archibald Alfred [I2434]
  6. STOREY, Cicely [I3499]
  7. STOREY, Helen Mary [I3496]
  8. STOREY, Jane [I0147]
  9. STOREY, John George [I2407]
  10. STOREY, Matthew [I2422]
  11. STOREY, Matthew [I0700]
  12. STOREY, Matthew John [I2440]
  13. STOREY, May [I3498]
  14. STOREY, Stephen [I0107]
  15. STOREY, Winnifred [I3497]