Union Village, Down St Mary, Devon, England

Gramps ID P0496


  1. AUSTIN, Mary Ann [I0430]
  2. Family of RICE, William and WOOTTEN, Ann [F0882]
  3. Family of WOTTON, Isaac and WARREN, Elizabeth [F0884]
  4. Family of WOTTON, William Isaac and AUSTIN, Mary Ann [F0904]
  5. PEDRICK, Jane [I2664]
  6. RICE, William [I3008]
  7. WARREN, Elizabeth [I2676]
  8. WEBBER, Elizabeth [I2860]
  9. WESTCOTT, Robert [I2877]
  10. WESTCOTT, William [I2980]
  11. WOOTON, Ann [I2672]
  12. WOOTTEN, Ann [I3007]
  13. WOTTON, George [I2670]
  14. WOTTON, Isaac [I2671]
  15. WOTTON, Jane [I2678]
  16. WOTTON, Samuel [I2656]
  17. WOTTON, Samuel R [I2961]
  18. WOTTON, William Isaac [I2971]