St Joseph’s Church, Macton, Peel, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

Gramps ID P0127


  1. BRENNER, Agnes [I3230]
  2. BRENNER, Louisa [I3397]
  3. Family of HALL, Abraham Ed and O'NEILL, Annie [F0179]
  4. Family of LOGEL, Frances E and O'NEILL, Charlotte Agnes [F0180]
  5. Family of MARIGOLD, George and O'NEIL, Margaret [F1025]
  6. Family of WINN, Louis and MARIGOLD, Jane [F1027]
  7. GIBBONS, James Anthony [I3240]
  8. HALL, Abraham Ed [I0561]
  9. LINSEMANN, Martin [I3232]
  10. LOGEL, Charles Alexander [I3281]
  11. LOGEL, Frances E [I0563]
  12. LOGEL, George B [I3356]
  13. LOGEL, John Albert [I3229]
  14. LOGEL, Margaret C [I3231]
  15. LOGEL, Mary Ann [I3227]
  16. MARIGOLD, George [I3096]
  17. MARIGOLD, Jane [I3097]
  18. MARIGOLD, Margaret [I3102]
  19. NOLAN, Mary Ann [I3598]
  20. O'NEIL, Margaret [I3234]
  21. O'NEILL, Annie [I0506]
  22. O'NEILL, Charlotte Agnes [I0562]
  23. O'NEILL, James [I3462]
  24. SCHIEBEL, Christina [I3390]
  25. VOISIN, August [I3228]
  26. WINN, Louis [I3237]