Oldham, Lancashire, England

Gramps ID P0007


  1. ABBOTT, Elsie [I2708]
  2. CROPPER, Sarah [I3558]
  3. Family of HOLMES, Josiah and KEMBLE, Louisa [F1102]
  4. Family of KEMBLE, Isaac and MACLEAN, Doris [F0927]
  5. Family of KEMBLE, John James and _____, Doris E [F1099]
  6. Family of KEMBLE, John and CROPPER, Sarah [F1103]
  7. Family of KEMBLE, Peter and ABBOTT, Elsie [F0893]
  8. Family of KEMBLE, William and MAY, Alice [F0928]
  9. Family of TAYLOR, John and KEMBLE, May [F1104]
  10. Family of WOTTON, Isaac and KEMBLE, Elizabeth Ann [F0924]
  11. HOLMES, Josiah [I3553]
  12. KEMBLE, Ada [I2781]
  13. KEMBLE, Elizabeth Ann [I2785]
  14. KEMBLE, Fred [I2787]
  15. KEMBLE, Isaac [I2790]
  16. KEMBLE, John [I3550]
  17. KEMBLE, John [I3545]
  18. KEMBLE, John James [I2791]
  19. KEMBLE, Laura Lily [I2792]
  20. KEMBLE, Louisa [I3551]
  21. KEMBLE, Maud [I2794]
  22. KEMBLE, May [I2795]
  23. KEMBLE, Peter [I2796]
  24. KEMBLE, Richard [I2797]
  25. KEMBLE, Samuel [I3544]
  26. KEMBLE, William [I2798]
  27. KEMBLE, William [I3481]
  28. MACLEAN, Doris [I2815]
  29. MAY, Alice [I2814]
  30. MUDGE, Ada [I3552]
  31. MUDGE, Charlotte [I3559]
  32. MUDGE, Charlotte Ann [I3548]
  33. MUDGE, Emma Louise [I3560]
  34. MUDGE, Isaac [I3561]
  35. MUDGE, Isaac [I3549]
  36. MUDGE, Isaac John [I3562]
  37. MUDGE, William [I3564]
  38. MUDGE, William Isaac [I3563]
  39. TAYLOR, John [I3570]
  40. WOTTON, Anna Louisa [I3546]
  41. WOTTON, Isaac [I2929]
  42. _____, Doris E [I3540]