Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Gramps ID P0418


  1. BARCHLER, Edna E [I3416]
  2. BRENNER, Louisa [I3397]
  3. Family of LOGEL, Charles Alexander and BRENNER, Louisa [F1067]
  4. Family of LOGEL, John William and BARCHLER, Edna E [F1071]
  5. Family of SCHEDEWITZ, Albert and LOGEL, Emma [F1068]
  6. Family of WATSON, Alexander and MARIGOLD, Johanna [F1024]
  7. LOGEL, Alexander [I3402]
  8. LOGEL, Annie Mary [I3418]
  9. LOGEL, Charles Alexander [I3281]
  10. LOGEL, Emma [I3280]
  11. LOGEL, Emma Kathleen [I3417]
  12. LOGEL, John Albert [I3229]
  13. LOGEL, John William [I3415]
  14. LOGEL, Julia Clementine [I3412]
  15. LOGEL, Louisa [I3413]
  16. LOGEL, Mary Magdalen [I3414]
  17. LOGEL, Theresa Magdalene [I3409]
  18. MARIGOLD, Johanna [I3103]
  19. SCHEDEWITZ, Albert [I3398]
  20. WATSON, Alexander [I3233]