Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Gramps ID P0088


  1. AIRTH, Margaret Olive [I1983]
  2. BADGER, John Kenneth [I3908]
  3. BRAU, May Adelia [I1816]
  4. DYER, Albert Arnold [I2344]
  5. DYER, William Henry [I1387]
  6. FERGUSON, Ernest Earl [I0132]
  7. FERGUSON, Mary Beatrice [I2402]
  8. FERGUSON, Robert Roy [I2399]
  9. FERGUSON, Sidney McKindlay [I2400]
  10. FERGUSON, Thomas Mettleton [I0199]
  11. Family of BADGER, John Kenneth and FERGUSON, Mary Beatrice [F1193]
  12. Family of DYER, Albert Arnold and WARREN, Margaret Winonah [F0762]
  13. Family of FERGUSON, Thomas Mettleton [F0781]
  14. Family of FERGUSON, Thomas Mettleton and WOTTON, Phyllis May [F0096]
  15. Family of GRIFFIN, William David and WOTTON, Annie Louisa [F0569]
  16. Family of WOTTON, Lloyd George and TITE, Grace Mary [F0052]
  17. Family of WOTTON, Thomas Charles and AIRTH, Margaret Olive [F0637]
  18. Family of WOTTON, Thomas Charles and BRAU, May Adelia [F0589]
  19. GRIFFIN, William David [I3429]
  20. JONES, Laura Jane [I2411]
  21. KNEZOVICH, Annie [I2414]
  22. MURFITT, Arthur Alfred [I0461]
  23. MURRAY, Laura May [I2435]
  24. RICKETTS, Frank [I3689]
  25. TITE, Grace Mary [I0103]
  26. WARREN, Margaret Winonah [I2374]
  27. WOTTON, Annie Louisa [I1767]
  28. WOTTON, Lloyd George [I0102]
  29. WOTTON, Phyllis May [I0198]
  30. WOTTON, Thomas Charles [I0108]