Family of BROOKE, Titus Senior and HARRISON, Mary


Married Husband BROOKE, Titus Senior [I2226]
Married Wife HARRISON, Mary [I3523]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3416] 1816-08-01 Dewsbury, All Saints, Yorkshire, England  
  1. BROOKE, John Spedding [I3529]
  2. BROOKE, Thomas [I3524]
  3. BROOKE, Samuel [I3768]
  4. BROOKE, Charles [I3766]
  5. BROOKE, Harrison [I3527]
  6. BROOKE, Maria [I3769]
  7. BROOKE, Lydia [I3525]

Source References

  1. Marriage - Brooke, Titus #2226 & Harrison, Mary #3465 [S2070]
      • Page: Database online.
      • Confidence: Very High
      • Source text:

        Record for Mr Titus Senior Brooke