Family of MEADOWS, Alfred George and PAINE, Edith


Married Husband MEADOWS, Alfred George [I0082]
Married Wife PAINE, Edith [I0083]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3547] 1895-06-00 Northamptonshire, England  
  1. MEADOWS, Dorothy Evelyn [I1485]
  2. MEADOWS, Alfred F [I1486]
  3. MEADOWS, Eva Lillian [I1487]
  4. MEADOWS, Marjorie Laura [I1488]
  5. MEADOWS, Sylvia Aenid [I1489]
  6. MEADOWS, George Winston [I1490]
  7. MEADOWS, Olive Elsie [I3426]
  8. MEADOWS, Alice [I1491]
  9. MEADOWS, Arthur Walter [I1492]
  10. MEADOWS, Hilda Beatrice [I1493]
  11. MEADOWS, Ernest Jesse [I1494]
  12. MEADOWS, Margaret Esther Nellie [I3427]

Source References

  1. Marriage - Meadows, Alfred #82 & Paine, Edith #83 [S1801]
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