Family of RICE, William and WOOTTEN, Ann


Married Husband RICE, William [I3008]
Married Wife WOOTTEN, Ann [I3007]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3573] 1846-03-26 Union Village, Down St Mary, Devon, England  


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Tag recognized but not supported Line 48546: 3 _FOOT Marriage record - Wotton, Anne #2668 & Rice, William #2676 (March 26, 1846), Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, Batch No. M050851, Printout Call No. 1037003. IGI LDS extracted record,


Source References

  1. Marriage - Wotton, Anne #2668 & Rice, William #2676 [S0967]
      • Page: Batch No. M050851, Printout Call No. 1037003
      • Confidence: High