Family of JORDAN, William John and BABB, Alice


Married Husband JORDAN, William John [I0432]
Married Wife BABB, Alice [I0433]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3388] 1895-06-02 Taunton, Somerset, England  
1a 2a
  1. JORDAN, Harry John [I0874]
  2. JORDAN, Ivy Gladys [I0300]
  3. JORDAN, Alice [I0301]
  4. JORDAN, Louisa [I0302]
  5. JORDAN, Walter [I0875]
  6. JORDAN, Philip [I0877]
  7. JORDAN, Thomas [I0876]

Source References

  1. Marriage - Jordan, William #432 & Babb, Alice #433 [S0115]
      • Page: Certificate No. 28. Superintendant Registar for the District of Taunton, England
      • Confidence: Very High
  2. 1911 Census ENG SOM - Jordan, William #432 Census; Online Archives [S1946]
      • Confidence: High