Family of ADAMS, Thomas Edward James and SPEAR, Mary


Married Husband ADAMS, Thomas Edward James [I0092]
Married Wife SPEAR, Mary [I0093]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3373] 1869-06-00 Bristol, Glouchester, England  
  1. ADAMS, Edward Thomas James [I0046]
  2. ADAMS, Mary E M [I1333]
  3. ADAMS, Unknown [I3502]
  4. ADAMS, Sarah Jane [I0364]
  5. ADAMS, Thomas William [I1334]
  6. ADAMS, William [I3000]
  7. ADAMS, Emily [I1335]


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Tag recognized but not supported Line 45378: 3 _FOOT Marriage - Adams, Thomas #92 & Spear, Mary #93; FreeBMD. Bristol 6a, page 130.,


Source References

  1. Marriage - Adams, Thomas #92 & Spear, Mary #93 [S1683]
      • Confidence: Low
      • Source text:

        Bristol 6a, page 130