Family of WOTTON, Isaac and KEMBLE, Elizabeth Ann


Married Husband WOTTON, Isaac [I2929]
Married Wife KEMBLE, Elizabeth Ann [I2785]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3524] 1920-06-00 Oldham, Lancashire, England  
  1. KEMBLE, May [I2795]
  2. KEMBLE, Ada [I2781]
  3. KEMBLE, William [I3481]
  4. KEMBLE, William [I2798]
  5. KEMBLE, Peter [I2796]
  6. KEMBLE, Laura Lily [I2792]
  7. KEMBLE, Maud [I2794]
  8. KEMBLE, Isaac [I2790]
  9. KEMBLE, John James [I2791]
  10. KEMBLE, Richard [I2797]
  11. KEMBLE, Fred [I2787]

Source References

  1. Marriage - Wotton, Isaac #2665 & Kemble, Elizabeth #2795 [S2102]
      • Confidence: Low