Family of CHARLTON, William and RAMSDEN, Polly


Married Husband CHARLTON, William [I3665]
Married Wife RAMSDEN, Polly [I3666]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3425] 1889-09-00 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England  
  1. CHARLTON, Anne [I2091]
  2. CHARLTON, John [I3667]
  3. CHARLTON, Frederick [I3668]
  4. CHARLTON, Edith [I3669]
  5. CHARLTON, Hilda [I3670]
  6. CHARLTON, Clifford [I3671]
  7. CHARLTON, Dorothy [I3672]

Source References

  1. Marriage - Charlton, William #3605 & Ramsden, Polly #3606 [S2389]
      • Confidence: High