Family of HODSON, Gordon Roy and WOTTON, Vera Amy


Married Husband HODSON, Gordon Roy [I0008]
Married Wife WOTTON, Vera Amy [I0009]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3497] 1937-12-22 St. Luke’s Church, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  


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Tag recognized but not supported Line 47294: 3 _FOOT Marriage - Hodson, Gordon #8 & Wotton, Amy #9 (December 22, 1937), Registration #37-09-454646. Diocese of New Westminister, St Luke's Church Vancouver, BC,


Source References

  1. Marriage - Hodson, Gordon #8 & Wotton, Amy #9 [S0477]
      • Page: Registration #37-09-454646
      • Confidence: Very High