Family of HODSON, Jonathan and MEADOWS, Alice Eliza


Married Husband HODSON, Jonathan [I0016]
Married Wife MEADOWS, Alice Eliza [I0017]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3500] 1895-09-18 register office, Woolwich, London, England  
[E3501] 1923    
  1. HODSON, Anne [I0101]
  2. HODSON, Violet [I0223]
  3. HODSON, Brooke Edward [I0100]
  4. HODSON, Harold [I0049]
  5. HODSON, Edmund Phipps Hornby [I0050]
  6. HODSON, Harry [I0098]
  7. HODSON, May [I0041]
  8. HODSON, Albert Edward [I0042]
  9. HODSON, Gordon Roy [I0008]


Records not imported into FAM (family) Gramps ID F0008:

Tag recognized but not supported Line 47356: 3 _FOOT Ships manifest - SS Mount Temple, Hodson (12 May 1903). National Archives of Canada,


Source References

  1. Marriage - Hodson, Jonathan #16 & Meadows, Alice #17 [S1652]
      • Page: Page 98, Book No. 30
      • Confidence: Very High
  2. Ships manifest - SS Mount Temple, Hodson [S0188]
      • Confidence: Very High