Family of O'KEEFE, William Charles and O'NEILL, Gertrude Margaret


Married Husband O'KEEFE, William Charles [I3441]
Married Wife O'NEILL, Gertrude Margaret [I0558]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3558] 1893-05-03 Russell, Marquette, Manitoba, Canada  
  1. O'KEEFE, Mary Grace [I3442]
  2. O'KEEFE, Margaret Agnes [I3443]
  3. O'KEEFE, Francis William Charles [I3444]
  4. O'KEEFE, Gertrude May [I3445]
  5. O'KEEFE, Anna Dorothy [I3446]
  6. O'KEEFE, Olive Cecilia [I3447]
  7. O'KEEFE, David Charles [I3448]

Source References

  1. Marriage - O'Neill, Gertrude #558 & O'Keefe, William #3384 [S1850]
      • Page: Record for Gertrude O'Neill and William O'Keefe. Registration number: 1893-001276.
      • Confidence: Very High