Family of WESTCOTT, Samuel Richard and ALLEN, Margaret


Married Husband WESTCOTT, Samuel Richard [I2442]
Married Wife ALLEN, Margaret [I2443]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3383] 1868-02-29 Exeter, Devon, England  
  1. WESTCOTT, Mary Ann [I2983]
  2. WESTCOTT, Kate [I3518]
  3. WESTCOTT, Samuel Richard [I2878]
  4. WESTCOTT, William Robert [I1817]
  5. WESTCOTT, Henry James [I3519]
  6. WESTCOTT, Frederick George [I0717]
  7. WESTCOTT, Alice Maude [I0718]
  8. WESTCOTT, Bessie Louisa [I0719]
  9. WESTCOTT, Edward [I3520]
  10. WESTCOTT, Ralph Allen [I0337]
  11. WESTCOTT, Walter Thomas [I2444]
  12. WESTCOTT, Beatrice Helen [I2445]

Source References

  1. Marriage - Westcott, Samuel #2442 & Allen, Margaret #2443 [S0980]
      • Page: Applicatiob Number 1857144/4
      • Confidence: Very High