Family of BACKHOUSE, Richard and BIELBY, Jane


Married Husband BACKHOUSE, Richard [I3860]
Married Wife BIELBY, Jane [I3861]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3390] 1838-03-00 Driffield, Yorkshire, England  
  1. BACKHOUSE, Elizabeth [I3867]
  2. BACKHOUSE, Hannah [I2369]
  3. BACKHOUSE, Bielby [I3866]
  4. BACKHOUSE, Sarah [I3862]
  5. BACKHOUSE, Elizabeth [I3863]
  6. BACKHOUSE, John Richard [I3864]
  7. BACKHOUSE, Mary [I3865]

Source References

  1. Marriage - Backhouse, Richard & Bielby, Jane #3796 [S2686]
      • Confidence: High