Family of WOTTON, Thomas Charles and JORDAN, Annie


Married Husband WOTTON, Thomas Charles [I0018]
Married Wife JORDAN, Annie [I0019]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3521] 1897-04-16 Exeter, Devon, England  
  1. WOTTON, Gertrude Mary [I0106]
  2. WOTTON, Thomas Charles [I0108]
  3. WOTTON, Annie Louisa [I1767]
  4. WOTTON, William Isaac [I0110]
  5. WOTTON, Bessie Ivy [I0189]
  6. WOTTON, Phyllis May [I0198]
  7. WOTTON, Vera Amy [I0009]
  8. WOTTON, Lloyd George [I0102]
  9. WOTTON, Baby [I1985]
  10. WOTTON, Baby [I1986]
  11. WOTTON, Beaver Vivian [I2047]
  12. WOTTON, Annie Laurie [I0104]


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Tag recognized but not supported Line 47679: 3 _FOOT Marriage - Wotton, Thomas #18 & Jordan, Annie #19 (April 16, 1897), Application number: COL745728. General Register Office Exeter, Devon,


Source References

  1. Marriage - Wotton, Thomas #18 & Jordan, Annie #19 [S0759]
      • Page: Application number: COL745728
      • Confidence: Very High