Family of PEDRICK, John and BARTLET, Anne


Married Husband PEDRICK, John [I2821]
Married Wife BARTLET, Anne [I2738]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3397] 1774-02-10 Silverton, Devon, England  
  1. PEDRICK, Ann [I3029]
  2. PEDRICK, Mary [I3031]
  3. PEDRICK, Jane [I2664]
  4. PEDRICK, John [I3033]
  5. PEDRICK, William [I3028]
  6. PEDRICK, Elizabeth [I3027]
  7. PEDRICK, Sarah [I3032]
  8. PEDRICK, Agnis [I3030]

Source References

  1. Marriage - Pedrick, John #2744 & Bartlet, Ann #2743 [S1090]
      • Page: IGI extracted record, Batch No. M051681, Source Call No. 0916935, Printout Call No. 1037013
      • Confidence: High