Family of O'NEILL, John Stansilaus and SMITH, Annie Jane


Married Husband O'NEILL, John Stansilaus [I0020]
Married Wife SMITH, Annie Jane [I3981]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3564] 1906-04-10 Residence, Lumby, British Columbia, Canada  
  1. O'NEILL, George Alexander [I0491]
  2. O'NEILL, John Edward [I0224]
  3. O'NEILL, Janet Marion [I0492]
  4. O'NEILL, Annie Gertrude [I0493]
  5. O'NEILL, James Francis [I0226]
  6. O'NEILL, Nora Kathleen [I0494]
  7. O'NEILL, Joseph Sherlock [I0010]
  8. O'NEILL, Dorothy Margaret [I0227]
  9. O'NEILL, Charlotte May [I0228]
  10. O'NEILL, Nellie [I0512]
  11. O'NEILL, Martin Charles [I0225]
  12. O'NEILL, Claud Roy [I0511]

Source References

  1. Marriage - O'Neill, John #20 & Smith, Annie #21 [S0061]
      • Page: Reg. Number: 1906-09-167799
      • Confidence: Very High
      • Source text:

        B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B11387 GSU Microfilm Number: 1984108, Reg. Number: 1906-09-167799

      • General:

        born: Waterloo, Ontario