Family of FERGUSON, Robert F and MCKINLEY, Jeanie


Married Husband FERGUSON, Robert F [I1236]
Married Wife MCKINLEY, Jeanie [I1237]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3456] 1892-12-22 Morris, Manitoba, Canada  
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  1. FERGUSON, Jennie [I2396]
  2. FERGUSON, James [I0131]
  3. FERGUSON, Stanley Clifford [I2397]
  4. FERGUSON, Eva Isabella [I2398]
  5. FERGUSON, Robert Roy [I2399]
  6. FERGUSON, Sidney McKindlay [I2400]
  7. FERGUSON, Blanche Brace [I2401]
  8. FERGUSON, Mary Beatrice [I2402]

Source References

  1. 1911 Census CAN BC - Ferguson Robert #1236 Census; Online Images [S0674]
      • Page: New Westminister/14 Richmond Riding/page 8
      • Confidence: High
  2. Marriage - Ferguson, Robert #1236 & McKinley, Jennie #1237 [S1859]
      • Page: Record for Robert Ferguson & Jennie McKinley. Registration number: 1892-001640.
      • Confidence: Very High